Meraki Insight

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Meraki Insight Sizing Guide

MX Model Meraki Insights Plan
MX64 / MX64W Small (200 mbps)
MX65 / MX65W Small (200 mbps)
MX80 Small (200 mbps)
MX84 Medium (500 mbps)
MX90 Medium (500 mbps)
MX100 Medium (500 mbps)
MX250 Large (2 gbps)
MX450 Large (2 gbps)
MX600 Large (2 gbps)
MX450 Extra-Large (>2 gbps)


Optimize User Experience, Accelerate IT

Meraki Insight helps IT administrators optimize the end user experience, significantly reducing the time it takes to isolate network or application problems that lie beyond the LAN, and create happy, productive users.


Introducing Meraki Insight

Reliable, fast networks have become ubiquitous, driving innovation, productivity and instant collaboration, supported by the relentless growth of convenient cloud hosted applications. As the use of these apps and services grows, so too does our reliance on every step of the journey, from app server to desktop or mobile device. Even with a powerful, proven network infrastructure like Cisco Meraki, the end-user experience can only be truly optimized by considering all internal and external factors contributing to the end-user experience. Fast cloud application response times rely not only on a well designed, high performance LAN, but also on the performance of the service providers infrastructure, the WAN or Internet, and the remote SaaS (software as a service) application itself. Meraki Insight has been developed to provide end-to-end visibility into how end-users are experiencing the network by taking a more holistic view of the factors contributing to the end-users perception. Busy IT teams benefit from improved insight and a drastic reduction in troubleshooting effort, enabling resources to focus on the true cause of end-user frustration and provide faster, better service. Faster problem resolution gives IT more time to support their organizations mission priorities.


Meet the first probe for Meraki Insight

Meraki Insight requires a probe to gather the data it uses, and the Meraki MX platform can be easily upgraded to function as a probe with the addition of a new Meraki Insight license. As data flows through LAN and WAN interfaces, deep packet inspection provides valuable information at both the Network layer and Application layer, helping IT determine the true root cause with simple visibility into performance at every step. Each application gets its own Performance Score, providing a quick reference to the quality of the user experience relative to a specific Web Application, based on the thresholds defined by a IT administrator. This Performance Score is calculated based on several definable thresholds, primarily per-flow goodput (true payload data rate) and application response time. The Meraki dashboard provides rich at-a-glance visibility into how the performance of a specific application is trending over time, enabling IT to more accurately predict where and when challenges are likely to begin impacting the end-user experience.