Return Policy

Here at Moo Moo Networks, we rely on Cisco Meraki to dictate the return policy. As a distributor/reseller, they hold the ultimate authority on returns. Please check this link for the most current return policy. As of June 2018, here is the policy:


Warranty Returns

Cisco Meraki stands behind its products. Cisco Meraki hardware products come with the following warranty periods:

Product Warranty Period
MS Products* Lifetime**
MX Products* >Lifetime**
MR Indoor Products Lifetime**
MR Outdoor Products 1 year
MV Products 3 years
MC Products 2 years
Accessories 1 year


*Original and replacement modular power supply units and fans for MS and MX Products included in lifetime warranty.

**Product lifetime ends concurrently with product End-of-Support (EOST) Date as described in Cisco Meraki's End of Life (EOL) Policy.

If you are experiencing hardware issues, for any product under warranty (as described above), please contact Cisco Meraki support by logging in to dashboard (Help > Get help) or by calling us.

To request a return materials authorization (RMA), please complete the RMA request form in the Meraki dashboard. If your RMA request is approved, Cisco Meraki will email you an RMA number and a return shipping label free of charge. We will ship replacement units within five business days of receiving your defective units. If no trouble is found, we will contact you before taking further action.

If you require advance replacement, please call Cisco Meraki technical support. Advance replacement orders will ship within 1 business day.

Additional information about Cisco Meraki’s hardware warranty can be found in Cisco Meraki’s End Customer Agreement.

Meraki Now

If you require replacement of Meraki products covered by Meraki Now services, please call Meraki technical support and request Meraki Now advance replacement. Please include the Meraki Now service tier and affected device serial number (SN) with your request.

Product Trial Returns

If you would like to return units from a product trial, please go to your product trial webpage (using the link your rep provided you with) and go to the returns tab to fill out the RMA request form. If your trial hardware was shipped to the US, Canada, or an EU member country you will also be able to print out a return shipping label and ship the product back to Cisco Meraki at no charge to you.

Refund Requests

If you are dissatisfied with your Cisco Meraki purchase for any reason, you may return your order for a full refund. All returns must meet the following criteria:

  1. You purchased the product through an authorized Cisco Meraki reseller or direct from Cisco Meraki
  2. You are the original purchaser of the product
  3. You submit your refund request within 30 days of purchase
  4. The product is in new condition, including all accessories in the original packaging

To request a refund, please complete our RMA request form.

If your refund request is approved, Cisco Meraki will email you an RMA number. In order for the refund to be accepted and processed, Meraki must receive the hardware you are returning no later than 30 days following the date the RMA number is issued. Once we have received and inspected the units, we will process your return. If you purchased through a Cisco Meraki reseller, your refund will be issued by that reseller. If you purchased directly from Cisco Meraki, we will issue a refund, typically within 15 days of receiving the return. (If you paid by credit card we will credit the original credit card. If you paid by any other method, we will send you a check.)

From time to time Cisco Meraki offers special refund terms. If your return is covered by special terms, please reference those terms on your RMA request.

Please contact Cisco Meraki directly for all returns, including product purchased through distributors or resellers.

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