Meraki Go Mounting

Check out the mounting options for the GR10 and GR60 below. Both access points include all of the hardware necessary for a mount. The only additional accessory is the T-Rail Mounts if you want to install the GR10 on a drop ceiling. You can buy the T-Rail Mounts by clicking here. If you lost your mounting template, you can download a high resolution PDF here.



GR10 Surface Mount

  1. Place the mounting template on the wall, ensuring it's level, and mark the holes labeled A
    GR10 - Surface Mount - Template on wall
  2. Pre-drill holes in the wall and insert the included drywall anchors
    GR10 - Surface Mount - Drywall Anchors Installed
  3. Line the plate over the anchors, and use the four included screws
    GR10 - Surface Mount - Plate on Wall
  4. Plug in your AP to data and power (if necessary) and lock onto the mounting bracket by inserting the posts into the mounting holes and sliding down
    GR10 - Surface Mount - Full



GR10 Junction Box

Meraki Go - GR10 - Junction Box Mount - Start

  1. Remove the face plate from the junction box and unclip the keystones leaving them in the junction box
    Meraki Go - GR10 - Junction Box Mount - Unclipped Keystones
  2. Connect a Cat6 pigtail to the data jack and pass it through the hole in the mounting plate. Use the screws from the face plate to secure the mounting bracket to the junction box using the holes labeled D
    Meraki Go - GR10 - Junction Box Mount - Mounting Plate On
  3. Plug the pigtail into the AP and lock onto the mounting bracket by inserting the posts into the mounting holes and sliding down
    Meraki Go - GR10 - Junction Box Mount - Done



GR10 T-Rail Mount

  1. Secure the mounting template to the drop ceiling to mark out the locations for the rail clips and Cat5e cable
    GR10 - Ceiling Mount - Markout
  2. Using the hex key, back out the black locking screws and snap the T-Rail mounts onto the rail so the screw holes line up with your marks from step 1. You can tighten the black locking screws back down to secure the clips.
    GR10 - Ceiling Mount - Clips On
  3. Using the appropriate screws (short if you used the standard clips; long if you used the deep clips), mount the plate to the clips using in the holes labeled B
    GR10 - Ceiling Mount - Plate On
  4. If necessary, drill a hole in (or cut out a piece of) your ceiling tile to fish the wire through; we were able to have the tile lay flat with no mofications using the flat Cat5e cable Meraki included with the GR10
    GR10 - Ceiling Mount - Wire Through
  5. Plug the wire into the AP and lock onto the mounting bracket by inserting the posts into the mounting holes and sliding across
    GR10 - Ceiling Mount - Done



GR60 Surface Mount

  1. Using a small Phillips head screw driver, open the door on the back of the access point (lift straight up after unscrewing)
    GR60 Mounting - Unscrew
  2. Use the included Cat5e cable to plug into the GR60 and press the wire into the rubber grommet to seal the opening
    GR60 Mounting - Door Open
  3. Close the door by pressing it down and screwing it in, making sure the grommet seal fits tightly around the Cat5e cable
    GR60 Mounting - Closed
  4. Screw the mounting bracket to your wall using the four included screws (and drywall anchors, if necessary)
    GR60 Mounting - Bracket on Wall
  5. Line up the access point at a 45 degree angle so the tabs fit into the large openings of the mounting bracket
    GR60 Mounting - 45 Degree
  6. Twist the access point clockwise to lock it in place
    GR60 Mounting - Locked in Place
  7. On the right side, tighten the security screw for added protection
    GR60 - Mounted - Security Screw
  8. To remove the access point, unscrew the security screw from step 7 if necessary. Press the black tab on the left side of the access point while rotating the device 45 degrees counter clockwise
    GR60 - Mounted - Pressure Lock